Lifecoach vs Kolento | KPL 2015 S1 Playoffs – Grand Final | Kinguin Pro League 2015

Kinguin Pro League’s grand finals of season 1. Cloud 9 Kolento takes on Nihilum Lifecoach in a best of 7!

G1: 12:39 | G2: 25:58 | G3: 36:52 | G4: 55:34 | G5: 1:03:52 | G6: 1:18:48 | G7: 1:29:32

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  1. MrJazZ

    Hey are you going to make Psypher TCG videos when it comes out? It's on the Kickstarter but it looks really hype!

  2. Kirk W

    Is indeed a midget!

  3. Ryan Ianaro

    Does lifecoach have a YouTube page?

  4. Timojak

    39:44 Hah, Nox got the puns! "That's gonna put Lifecoach on the ropes."

  5. Xpag Guzon

    kolento the best! lifecoach is really good too

  6. Рагнарос Повелитель Огня

    Коленто с Украины!? Удивило

  7. DarthWhite012

    It's so odd to see Nox from a distance. He'll always be just an upper body for me.

  8. Irod Lyze

    Красава! Троль

  9. Coriiander Drewitt

    What is this? Trying to watch a game, not missing out on it because the cam is on the commentators?….