Kinguin Pro League PlayOffs Grand Final: Lifecoach vs Kolento

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เกล็ดทักษะชีวิตเชิงบวก (Positive Life Skills) นำเสนอโดย อ.บอล สุรัตน์ โพธิปราสาท ติดตามตอนอื่นๆและแง่คิดดีๆได้ที่
Video Rating: / 5

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  1. Simone Donnini

    Great channel, great commentators

  2. Tianshi Liao

    This game is super funny lol

  3. SnowToad

    Does anybody have their decklists?

  4. Don Keefer

    Great finals, thanks for the upload :)


    Go Kolento! Gz to LifeCoach too, as well as StrifeCro and Sjow, 4 of my fav players :)

  5. Vrem Prem

    What was lifecoach even thinking in game 3, he had a chance…

  6. Winston Wolf

    Missed lethal from Kolento in last turn…